The Redefining Series

Hello, and welcome to my website! Oh, excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Paul Nankivell, and I’m the author of the book Redefining Normal . My second book–Courageous Love–came out in April 2022. My books center around a main character who has cerebral palsy and how he deals in an able-bodied culture. You might ask: “How am I qualified to write about a character who has cerebral palsy?” (see Author Bio)

You can also read my blog where I’ll share my personal insights, and feelings, as a person with physical challenges. Years of sitting in a wheelchair have given me the opportunity to learn about human behavior from a very unique perspective. One of these lessons is that “normal people” are often reluctant to interact with a person who has C.P. for fear of seeming impolite. I hope that you find my blog, and book, entertaining and enlightening.

Both of my books are available in paperback form on Amazon. However, you can buy and download the PDF of either book right now on my site’s secure link

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