Courageous Love – (PDF)



Two protagonists with cerebral palsy overcome their real and imagined obstacles to find true loves they never imagined possible.

Two people at the top of their respective professions. She’s a corporate attorney quickly ascending the ladder for partnership. He’s a senior systems analyst for a Fortune 500 company. They both have cerebral palsy. Will they find long-lasting love in each other’s arms? Or, will they let pride get in their way?


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An inspiring romance novel with a unique focus, Courageous Love by Paul Nankivell offers an important perspective on romantic relationships. Alan and Catherine both have cerebral palsy and have overcome the challenges that come with the condition to become successful in their fields, but now new trials arise in the world of romance, as Alan pines for Catherine from afar. Highlighting issues about disabilities, the corporate workplace, and the innate humanness of love, this is a multilayered contemporary romance that is handled with great skill and sensitivity. Though the cover may not reflect the draftsmanship inside, Nankivell is a subtle and emotive writer, conveying an uplifting message about overcoming any obstacle, so long as you have an open heart and an open mind.” — —Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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