Perpetual Fight – 3/11/2020

         In November of 1981, during my senior year of high school, I was invited to participate in a somewhat unique social experiment.  Eight students from my school were chosen to attend a weeklong national high school summit in the mountains outside of San Francisco.  Our delegation comprised four physically challenged students, four able-bodied students,... Continue Reading →

False Teachings – 1/9/2020

            Almost all of us want to do the right thing.  We have been told to be respectful, courteous, and understanding towards others.  And, for most of our day-to-day encounters, this task is accomplished without too much drama.  Sure, once in a while, we run across a difficult person who makes us angry—and provokes a... Continue Reading →

MOM – 12/25/2019

Depending on your background or experience this time of year can bring about a potluck of memories and emotions.  Some cherish reuniting with relatives and sharing stories.  Others, find their long, lost sense of wonder when they espy a child sitting on Santa’s lap.  But, if you’ve been around the block a few dozen times... Continue Reading →

Touch: Pt. 3/3 – 12/10/2019

Three years after beginning monthly massages, that type of human touch experience became second nature to me. At that point, I was ready for the next step in my quest towards sensual nirvana—lap dances.  So, one of my friends drove me to a strip club an hour away from home. Upon entering, I saw nude... Continue Reading →

Touch: Pt. 2/3 – 11/26/2019

As the years wore on, yearnings for a romantic relationship slowly consumed more of my idle thoughts.  Christmas and Valentines Day were my low points.  Seeing couples kiss under the mistletoe, or watching a commercial of a guy giving chocolates to a lady, served as painful reminders of what I didn’t have. At the start... Continue Reading →

Touch: Pt. 1/3 – 11/12/2019

Humans are innately social creatures. A strong part of each person’s identity stems from how we were nurtured by our parents and how successfully we assimilate into our assigned peer groups. For most people, this is a natural process; however, many disabled people fight a life-long uphill battle towards acceptance let alone full inclusion. But,... Continue Reading →

PC Labels — 10/29/2019

There used to be a time when I could simply wheel down a sidewalk or be in a public area and not be harassed. Sure, my wheelchair and I always garnered predictable stares from children and stealthy glances from adults. However, by the time I’d reached my 18th birthday, I treated such rudeness as par... Continue Reading →

Disabled Parking Blues – 10/15/2019

                                                My friend and I went to the supermarket last Saturday. While attempting to maneuver our van through the crowded lot, we noticed that all nine disabled spots were taken. Since we live in a relatively small town, I know there's a very sparse wheelchair population. During my 40 years of living here, I wheel... Continue Reading →

             From the outset of my consciousness as a human being, I’ve spent a good part of my time explaining myself to others. From inquisitive youngsters to curious retired doctors, it seems like I’ve performed my now perfected monologue thousands of times. The same questions always arise. What disease do you have? Can I catch... Continue Reading →

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